Workers’ Compensation Recovery

Relevar’s goal in working with employees injured on the job is ensuring proper care and getting them back to work as healthy and quickly as possible. A Registered Nurse/Case Manager will complete an initial assessment of the employee and a Relevar Recovery Team will be chosen based on the individual needs of the injured. Communication with the External Case Manager or insurance company is done on a weekly basis. We can manage the complete case with our team of professionals.

Relevar Recovery Teams may include some or all of the following professionals:

  • Companions​​​​​
  • ​​​​​Home Care Aides
  • ​​​​​High Tech Home Care Aides
  • Licensed Practical Nurses​​​​​
  • Registered Nurses​​​​​
  • Internal Case Managers​​​​​
  • Physical Therapists​​​​​
  • ​​​​​Occupational Therapists
  • Medical Social Workers​​​​​
  • Massage Therapy/Reflexology​​​​​

All Workers Compensation Insurance is Accepted.