About Us

"There’s no place like home."


Misty Delegato, Founder

Our elderly uncle joyously proclaimed the above when we took him from a lengthy hospital stay to help care for him in his apartment, closer to his family and friends. Remembering his words, my husband and I set out to create a home-care company that allows people to receive continued care in the comfort and safety of their home.

Because of our personal experiences caring for elderly, sick, and people with disabilities, we know how important comfort, respect, and independence are for individuals with special needs. Assuredly, loved ones find relief knowing family will support their needs in the comfort of home. Additionally, we realize family members require relief from their own care-giving efforts to tend to other important family matters, or perhaps to gain some much-needed rest. Hence, RELEVAR, meaning “relieve” in Spanish, was founded and our company’s success in providing excellent, affordable private duty services has established RELEVAR as a premier home-care provider.

RELEVAR is committed to personalized attention in the friendly environment of a customer’s home. You have my promise to provide compassionate, trusting, dependable caregivers that serve customers with the care and kindness like that of a family member.

Please call today if you are in need of any type of home care services. Our staff would appreciate assisting you and your family.


Misty Delegato