St. Patrick’s Day Fun Facts & History

Here are some fun facts about St. Patrick’s Day! With March 17th being St. Patrick’s day lets learn a little about the holiday. Saint Patrick is primarily the patron saint of Ireland, he was regarded as the founder of Christianity in Ireland, although was not from Ireland.

Get an Eye Exam Today!

March is healthy vision month. An eye exam where your eyes are dilated is a painless procedure and one of the best things you can do to make sure that you are seeing the best that you can, and your eyes are healthy. There are millions of people who have problems with their vision every year.

Brain Injury Awareness Month

March is quickly approaching and is it Brain Injury Awareness month. At Relevar Home Care a majority of our clients have brain injuries and we want to help raise awareness.

Brain injuries are also known as traumatic brain injuries or craniocerebral trauma.

Sauna Benefits for Seniors

The elderly are affected by chronic ailments and varying diseases such as RA, pain from falls and injuries, chronic back and joint pain, regular arthritis, elevated blood pressure, heart issues, sleep disorders and many other common conditions. Lifestyle habits and diet changes help in the overall treatment of these conditions.

Love is the Best Medicine

Having loving relationships are good for your health.

Studies show that those engaged in positive relationships live longer. People, in particular men, are healthier when they're in a relationship, and they live longer. Experts attribute this phenomenon to factors like reduced stress, and in romantic relationships a partner often gives up bad habits in support of the relationship.

Winter Safety for Seniors

Winter weather can present many challenges for everyone. Colder temperatures, ice and snow make getting around safely and staying warm difficult, especially for seniors.

Here are some helpful tips for addressing common winter dangers.

Slips and Falls

Falls are a major threat to senior health.

Home Safety Checklist for Seniors

For most families, there comes a time when they must decide whether their aging parents are capable of living alone or if they should be moved into an assisted living facility. First and foremost, the health and functional of your elder play a large role in this decision.

Flu Season Precautions for the Elderly

The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by the virus, influenza, which attacks the body in the upper and lower respiratory tract. It is highly contagious and generally affects groups of people spending time in close contact in places like schools, offices and nursing homes.

Learning to Care For Dying’s Forgotten

Surviving friends and family of a person who dies often go through deep grief. Ker_vil/Shutterstock.comRichard Gunderman, Indiana University
In most U.S. medical schools, lessons about death naturally focus on the care of the dying patient. But there is another group of people to whom health professionals need to learn to attend: the dying patient’s family and friends.

Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

With the winter months here the cold weather is upon us. It is very important during these months to make sure that seniors are well taken care of. Remember as the body ages its ability to regulate its own temperature changes. This can be dangerous for seniors in extreme temperatures but the cold can be especially dangerous.